Simplified Lead Distribution.

Retain Your Data, Monetize Forever.

Lead Wrench is a pingtree-style lead distribution platform that finds the best buyer, or buyers, in your portfolio for each lead you generate.

What is LW?

A proprietary, pingtree-like lead distribution system that plugs directly into the form of your landing pages. Validate, capture & then distribute the leads you generate to the best matched buyer, or buyers in your portfolio.

Who Uses LW?

Our customers include affiliates, publishers, advertisers and email marketers who are successfully monetizing leads in verticals like Dating, Edu, Jobs, BizOpp, Finance and Health & Wellness.

Who is it for?

Internet Marketers looking to gain more control and ownership of the lead data generated in their marketing campaigns.

Benefits of LW

Retain full control and ownership of your lead data. Monetize better by "shopping" your lead around to ensure it is accepted by a lead buyer.


What People Are Saying

  • I've been testing Lead Wrench and my monthly income increased by 33% with the same amount of traffic. I love this!

    Will S.
    Dating Super Affiliate

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